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Gold Coast cut-to-size and CNC routing & engraving

KSFIT Routing and Cut-to-Size is your one stop shop for all your custom routing requirements. Simply give us a call or fill out the enquiry form to get a FREE quote!

What We Do

CNC Routing & Engraving

We offer a complete range of 2D and 3D routing & engraving services. Our TEKCEL flat bed CNC (2400 x 1800) router works on slatwall, plywood, HMR and MDF substrates, plastics, acrylics, aluminum, softwood, hardwood and composite materials such as AL CLAD and ALUCABOND.

CNC Routing & Engraving

Whether it’s for the kitchen or bedroom, doorway or cabinet, KSFIT will ensure you get the right door for your space. Don’t pay a premium at your main retailer, come straight to us to get the best price.

Custom CNC Routing

We can machine just about anything you can imagine. If you can draw it, we can cut, machine, or engrave it. Our CNC router offers extremely high levels of precision, enabling us to consistently reproduce detailed, accurate work.


We offer a comprehensive and competitive cut-to-size service, with very competitive rates – we cut kitchens, garage storage modules, shop fronts and reception counters, and we are able to provide a high quality edging service.
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We’re located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Come down to our factory at 48 George St, Southport to find out how we can help you.


KSFIT has over 30 years of experience in the Shopfitting, Cabinet Making, and CNC Machining trades.


Don’t pay a premium at your main retailer. Come straight to KSFIT and get the best price for your needs.

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